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Ma numesc Tanase Adriana, in varsta de 35 ani si sunt din Dej, jud. Cluj. Intr-o zi de toamna tarzie, luna lui noiembrie 2017, stand in pat am descoperit, masandu-ma la sanul drept, un nodul de marimea unui bob de strugure. Nu m-am speriat, de fapt nu am bagat de seama ca acel nodul avea sa fie o tumora canceroasa maligna. Am mers la parintele duhovnic, i-am spus ce am patit, si am amanat investigatiile dupa sarbatorile de iarna. Intre timp am ramas insarcinata cu cel de-al saselea copil. Nodulul incepuse sa creasca.

Tin sa mentionez ca in acea perioada am avut o alimentatie normala, consumand produse lactate, carne, oua si, daca se putea, cat mai multe dulciuri concentrate, in special ciocolata, inghetata si prajituri din cofetarie. Sa revin. Timp de 3 luni nu am fost la ecograf sa vad despre ce este vorba in legatura cu sanul drept, insa medicul meu ginecolog urmarindu-mi sarcina si spunandu-i ce am patit, m-a trimis la Cluj sa mi se faca o punctie si, intr-adevar, rezultatul a iesit pozitiv – carcinom mamar invaziv stadiul III. Ultimele doua nasteri au fost cezariene, urmand sa o fac si pe a treia. Din data de 16 mai incepe, sa zic, „drumul crucii”, din suferinta. De nu erau persoane dragi mie, Sfantul Nectarie, Sf. Efrem, Sf. Ierarh Spiridon, Sf. Ilie Lacatusul, Maica Domnului si Domnul nostru Iisus Hristos, nu ajungeam pana in prezent. Am fost internata in maternitatea din Dej de urgenta. S-a constat dezlipirea placentei cu hematoame. Mi s-a propus avort terapeutic, sarcina avea 18 saptamani.

My name is Tanase Adriana, aged 35 and I am from Dej, Cluj County. On a late autumn, the month of November 2017, standing in bed, I discovered, massaging my right breast, a nodule the size of a grape. I was not scared, actually, I did not realize that the nodulee was going to be a cancerous malignant tumor. I went to the spiritual father, I told him what I was up to, and I postponed investigations after the winter holidays. Meanwhile, I got pregnant with my sixth baby. The nodule had begun to grow.

I have to mention that at that time I had a normal diet, consuming dairy products, meat, eggs and, if possible, as many concentrated sweets, especially chocolate, ice cream and confectionery cakes. To get back – For 3 months I didn’t make an ultrasound to see what it is going on with my right breast, but I told my gynecologist monitoring my pregnancy what I was going through, sent me to Cluj to make a puncture and, in -surprisingly, the result has come out positively – stage III invasive breast carcinoma. The last two births were cesarean, and it would follow to do the third one. Beginning with May 16th, let’s say, started „the way of the cross” of suffering. If there were no loved ones: St. Nectarios, St. Ephraim, St. Hierarch Spiridon, St Elias the LockSmith, St. Mary and our Lord Jesus Christ, I have not been to this day. I was admitted to the emergency maternity hospital in Dej. There was a detachment of the placenta with hematoma. I was offered a therapeutic abortion, the pregnancy was 18 weeks.

Mi s-a facut tratament specific, sa pot purta sarcina la decizia mea si mai ales a sotului, dar din punct de vedere medical era compormis. Am avut pierderi mari de sânge, infecție la nivelul lichidului amniotic, febra, frison, am zis in sinea me: „Doamne, nu vreau sa fac avort”. A fost groaznic sa ai presiune din partea cadrelor medicale, persoanelor apropiate sa dau copilul afara, insa sotul m-a sustinut mult in a lua decizia sa-l pastram. Tumora crestea in volum. Doamna doctor vazand ca nu o scoate cu mine la capat, totusi avand o stare inrautatita, am dat semnatura pe proprie raspundere pentru viața mea. Hemoglobina scazuse foarte mult, necesitand pentru prima data transfuzie de sange grupa 0, Rh negativ, fiind si intr-o zi de duminica, neavand medic anestezist in Dej, m-au trimis cu salvarea in Cluj. Din data de 3 iunie pana în 2 iulie si inca 3 saptamani am fost internata in spitalul ginecologic. Am cunoscut oameni minunati, m-au ajutat fiecare cu ce i-a indemnat inima.

Tin sa multumesc foarte mult pe aceasta cale cadrelor medicale, doamnei Alexandrina, doamnei Aurora, familiei, care mi-au fost alaturi, copiilor, d-lui Alexandru si sotiei sale Calina, si lista ar putea continua. In tot acest timp m-am rugat sa scap cu bine. Am fost si la medicul oncolog, tumora era de dimensiune crescuta. La indicatia dansului si a unor medici ginecologi mi s-a propus si aici sa fac avort, eram in saptamana a 23-a de sarcina in evolutie. Dezlipire de placenta, hemoragie, membrane rupte, erau printre putinele diagnostice. Am fost primul caz cand mi s-a efectuat RMN ul pe timpul sarcinii. Dar, slava Domnului, totul a fost bine. E groaznic sa stai intr-un tub aproape 3 ore intr-un zgomot infernal. Rezultatul a fost bun, tumora tinuta sub control, fara metastaze. Mi s-a propus sa fac avort, nu am vrut, ma rugam la bunul Dumnezeu sa ma tina cu „ora”, cu ziua, desi am trecut prin momente grele, din punctul meu de vedere, fizic și psihic. Medicul curant mi a spus ca daca nu am lichid amniotic sau daca este insuficient, nu va trai copilul si va trebui sa-l avortez, sa incep chimioterapia. Am refuzat si de data aceasta. Am mai dus-o cu frana pana in data de 2 iulie cand intr-adevar au decis sa ma opereze. Am avut hemoglobina foarte mica. M-au operat, copilul a avut la nastere scor APGAR 5-7. L-am botezat de urgenta, l-am nascut la 26 saptamani, greutate 880 gr. Acum traieste, este bine, are 4800 gr si Sfantul Spiridon i-a purtat de grija si Maica Domnului.

Eu sunt in Bucuresti, fac tratament – chimioterapie, cu citostatice, la o clinica particulara. Am facut RMN si CT, tumora pare sa fie in regresie. Mananc vegetarian si fac tratament cu chimioterapie in continuare.

I was given special treatment, I could bear the burden of my decision and especially of my husband, but from a medical point of view it was complicated. I had large blood loss, an amniotic fluid infection, fever, chills, I said to myself: „Lord, I do not want to make an abortion.” It was terrible to have pressure from the medical staff, the close people told me to give the baby out, but my husband had a lot of support in making the decision to keep the baby. The tumor increased in volume. The lady doctor, seeing that she could not convince me, yet having a bad condition, I gave my signature to go on on my own responsibility. Hemoglobin decreased a lot, requiring for the first time blood transfusion group 0, Rh negative, being on a Sunday, having no anesthetist in Dej, they sent me with the ambulance in Cluj. From June 3rd to July 2nd and for another 3 weeks I was hospitalized in the gynecological hospital. I met wonderful people, they helped me with what they could.
I want to thank very much this way for the medical staff, Mrs. Alexandrina, Mrs. Aurora, the family, who have been with me, the children, Mr. Alexander and his wife Calina, and the list could continue. All the while I prayed to get away with it. I was at the oncologist, the tumor was of bigger size. At his suggestion and some gynecologists I was told also here to make an abortion, I was in the 23rd week of pregnancy in evolution. Placental detachment, hemorrhage, broken membranes were among the few diagnoses. I was the first woman that had an MRI during the pregnancy. But, for the glory of the God, everything was fine. It’s terrible to sit in a tube for almost 3 hours in an awful noise. The result was good, the tumor was under control without metastasis. I had no intention to make an abortion, I did not want, I pray to the good God to keep me safe with the „hour” with the day, although I have gone through difficult moments, from my point of view, physically and mentally. The treating physician told me that if I don’t have amniotic fluid or if it is inadequate, the baby will not live and I will have to have an abortion then start chemotherapy. I refused this time again. I took it slowly until July 2nd when they really decided to operate me. I had very low hemoglobin. They operated me, the baby had APGAR 5-7 at birth. I baptized him urgently, he was born at 26 weeks, weighting 880 gr. Now he lives, he is fine, he has 4800 gr, and St. Spiridon has taken care of him and the Mother of God.I am in Bucharest, doing chemotherapy, with cytostatics, at a private clinic. I did MRI and CT, the tumor seems to be regressing. I eat vegetarian and continue chemotherapy treatment.



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