Sfanta Irina Foundation organizes a course on “The Concept of Christian Medicine”.

Participants: doctors, priests, psychologists, social workers, nurses, theologians.
Participation is free.

The following topics will be approached:

1. Notions of medical anthropology

  • body organs mentioned in Holy Scripture
  • their significance in patristic literature
  • the wonderful creation of the human being
  • anthropology of ages.

2. The notions of health and illness in the concept of Christian medicine. Their meanings.
3. Diseases mentioned in the Bible. The attitude of the apostles, disciples, bishops, crowds, demons to the act of healing.
4. Pathogenic mechanisms.
5. The spiritual causes of the diseases.
6. Hygiene in Scripture and patristic literature

  • food hygiene
  • work hygiene
  • sexual hygiene
  • body hygiene

7. Psychology in the Scriptures
8. Prophylaxis in the concept of Christian medicine
9. Therapeutic act as an
ecclesiastical act
10. Assisting the dying
11. Anamnesis
12. Evaluation of the program

Details and registration: Mother Mina, 0744 27 94 69;
E-mail: sfantairina@gmail.com.